Nora & Ronan

Scion of Amaterasu


Nora stands with all the confidence an over six foot tall woman in heels could have. She towers over most who would stand beside her and stares down with her slightly upward slanted amber eyes down at anyone who comes beneath her. Her elongated features appear somehow both hard and graceful, like a swan, with her skin nearly painfully pale. Her hair never sits nicely in any attempt to hold it, instead raging like a flaming halo around her as she fights. Her slender form belies the strength in her grip.

Ronan is a tall man with still slender features. He has just enough on his form to not look starved, but tends to stand and move with delicate grace, like a shade-giving tree in the wind. Like many Asian men, beyond the rust-colored hair on his head and scraggly face, there’s only small whisps of the same plumage across his chest and arms until you get to indecent portions. His soft blue eyes seem to care, and the strength in his grip seems comforting rather than intimidating, unlike his sister, and his skin tone is more tanned from more time spent in the sun without tan line.



  • Nora was born after the last Kurosawa boss of the Inagawa-kai had been killed by their mother/father. They were given into the care of Amaterasu’s people to raise.
  • Two years later, Nora gave control to Ronan for the first time. There was much confusion, and Hikaru was blamed for giving a baby Inari’s Rice Wine. When the child changed back before another, that charge was cleared.
  • The twins were groomed throughout their childhood to represent the glory of Japan and as potential emperor/empress.
  • Their mixed heritage left some doubt in the mind of the Queen of Heaven so the kami gave them the task of controlling the Yakuza in Los Angeles.
  • Nora quickly learned the ways of the blade and began assembling the private army known as the Violet Mercy. Ronan began studying traditional medicine and smithing techniques to honor those outside of war.
  • The two have cut their way to the top, organizing their clan while dealing with those whose illegal activities did not fit in their planned future.

Arc 1

  • Mastered the trials set forth by their immortal twin blades to earn their visitation.
  • Found a polluted nest of chupacabra who were spreading disease among the people of East LA. Worked with Miguel Iglesias to route them, but tensions lead them their separate ways.
  • Nora nearly killed Miguel Iglesias, and Ronan saved him by giving him his blood. The man was caught in limbo until Father Abel cured him.
  • Ronan seduced Luis Bernabe and gained the Sirens’ alliance.
  • Nora was briefly cut off from her divinity by Titanic tar. In her grief, she interrogated the kitsune responsible. Learned it was a plot by Izanagi and Takateru Yoshimura. Turned the kitsune back to a normal fox with that tar and set it free.
  • Raised money to fund LA’s rebuilding after an earthquake with a porno featuring Luis Bernabe.
  • Seduced both Joseph Corwin and Kaishou Okada.
  • Ronan married Miguel Iglesias after destroying his slave collar and reforging it into several other relics.

Nora & Ronan

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