Kaishou Okada

Scion of Futsunushi


Okada is a man of war. He just has that look of someone who’s seen shit and come out stronger. He has a handsome but rough around the edges appearance, skin marked by many battle scars—several of which runs across the side of his face, which is mostly covered by an eye patch. His long dark hair is usually pulled back in a loose topknot.

He always has on a traditional black montsuki, emblazoned with the mark of his father. Underneath can vary, but generally keeps to traditional dress. On his belt he keeps a katana with a scorch-marked sheath that occasionally cracks with lightning.

Appearance 3, Epic 2. Positive.

  • You were kidnapped once at a young age by a rival in the Yakuza who sought to bring your family down. The second night you were taken Okada showed up in the room you were staying in, covered in blood. He led you through a graveyard of butchered and scorched corpses to deliver you back to Michiko.
  • Years later when you were a teenager you met him again. (He looked about the same as you remembered.) He was in your mother’s company when she came to visit you on your birthday. While she was very subtle about it, you couldn’t help but think Michiko would have liked to try to pair you together as a possible marriage (With Nora, specifically). Your mother’s presence kept that from coming to fruition, however.

Kaishou Okada

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