Scion of Loki


Whisper always looks like he’s fighting off an illness. His skin is pale in a clammy sort of way, with dark circles ever present under his eyes. He has shaggy blonde hair and pale gray eyes, his body tall and very thin, in the sort of way that makes him strangely spindly. Not only does he look sickly, but he always looks tired. His eyes are heavy lidded, his shoulders often slumped down wearily, movements slow and drowsy—unless he’s using his hands to sign, at which time they’re precise and agile.

But the most notable feature is the iron mask that covers the whole lower half of his face. It appears to be fused directly to his skin and flesh, and is never removed.

His clothes tend to be pretty plain, and always cover everything but his hands and head.

Appearance 2, Epic 0, Negative.

  • Completely mute. Only speaks in sign language.
  • No one knows his real name. When asked, he generally holds a finger up to the mask covering his lips, the sign for ‘quiet’. It’s lead to people calling him Whisper, which he seems fine with.


Scion: Gen 2 Fofo