Sandra Kalb

Scion of Horus


Sandra is the Pesedjet’s golden child—sometimes literally. When in battle she wears golden armor that glows like the sun, her sun-kissed dark skin is radiant, and her smile warm. She’s pretty tall for a woman, and very strongly built. Her hair is in dreds that fades to a gold blonde color at the ends, and always held back in a simple ponytail.

She’s usually in her police uniform, which she wears proudly as a symbol of justice and her authority. But sometimes she can be seen in casual, sporty clothing that suits a very active life style.

Appearance 3, Epic 0, Positive.

  • You’ve heard quite a lot about Sandra. She’s a hero cop that has become a house hold name, especially in LA. She’s saved many innocent people—and put many big name criminals behind bars. She’s also been a force of nature when it comes to weeding out and eliminating corruption within the local police. While your valorous side can appreciate her dedication to justice, she sure as hell is causing you a lot of business trouble.

Sandra Kalb

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