Sahale Huritt

Scion of Nanabozho


Sahale is beautiful in a way that crosses boundaries. He is an androgynous figure who seems to embody all of the things people from the outside stereotype of their culture. A sort of quiet aloofness that lends towards long sorrowful looks and any form of objectification in which they are seen and not heard. They speak with an even rumble from their chest that speaks to the idea of wisdom. They don’t shy away from native incorporation to their wardrobe, but it tends to be small gestures such as a turquoise bead in a leather wrist cuff, or makeup that looks more like war paint.

Appearance 5, Epic 3, Positive

  • This is the name of one of the most outspoken advocates for First Nations members in the region. He’s protested factory layoffs, dined with city councilors, and held his own against construction crews trying to destroy historical sites. This has earned him something of an arrest record, and a public opinion either for or against them.

Sahale Huritt

Scion: Gen 2 Nicklaus