Guardian of the Underworld


Rouvin is more monster than man. They’re over seven feet tall—and that’s not counting the long pointed ears on each of their three dog-like heads. Their shoulders and chest are extra broad to support them, body made of bulky muscle and covered in black fur. The body dresses how you’d expect a pimp or mob boss to dress—sharp tailored dark suits, or full expensive fur coats over a bare chest.

Speaking to Rouvin is… an odd thing. The middle head very rarely speaks, but has a tendency to sniff anything within reach. The other two will speak; sometimes in unison, sometimes finishing each other’s sentences, or other times speaking completely separately—even bickering with each other. Despite the beasty appearance (and sometimes mannerisms), Rouvin is very eloquent.

Appearance 2, Epic 2, Negative.

  • Rouvin is called The Guardian of the Underworld. Though in this case, it’s less cavernous spaces of death and more of the criminal sort. The focus on street level crime in LA—below your level of operations but impacting your business enough to pay attention to. If you’re a young street punk wanting to make a name for yourself, if you’re smart you go through them. They have several gangs under their power that they treat almost like packs. They’re rarely seen out in public (likely because of the very non-human appearance), but has a lot of human lackeys. Some of which you’ve met with before.
  • Runs some underground fighting rings, ranging from dog fights to human brawls to not-so-human brawls.
  • Despite obviously being titanspawn, they appear to have and wield Norse relics.
  • People say they can turn into an even larger, more monstrous creature, more akin to their brother Cerberus. No one can back that up with first hand accounts though. Maybe those that actually saw it never lived.


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