Miguel Iglesias

Scion of Calmananipilli


Miguel is an unnerving creature. He rarely speaks, and seems to loom oppressively where ever he plants himself. The color of his eyes glimmer an unnatural gold color, pairing with tan skin and dark brown hair. He’s usually dressed traditionally—jaguar skins around his waist, bare chested, but wearing many gold bangles along his arms and around his neck, as well as a thick plumage of blood red feathers that hangs from his shoulders. He often paints himself with blood. It usually looks fresh. There’s always a cuauhololli made of pure gold on his belt.

Appearance 3, Epic 2, Negative.

  • You’ve actually met before, several months ago, when the Yakuza had a meeting with the Cartel. (Mostly to size each other up.) He was in the company of a terrifyingly beautiful man named Alejandro. You’re pretty certain he was some sort of monster. But Miguel was at his side (Well, behind him), serving as a body guard and servant, not saying a word but watching you intently. Nora saw him as a threat, but Ronan couldn’t help but find the way he was treated as a slave as kind of… sad. The meeting hadn’t gone well—Alejandro had pretty much demanded the Yakuza bow to the Cartel’s power in LA. But you’d refused to bow. Things remain tense between the two criminal forces.
  • You’ve heard rumors that the Cartel have been moving a lot of drugs and guns past the border by using tunnel dug deep underneath the ground. From what you hear, Miguel is directly involved with the operation.

Miguel Iglesias

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