Michiko Kurosawa

Scion of Tsuki-yomi


Michiko is a matronly japanese woman who sticks to her traditions no matter what. She is never outside of cultural dress—always in heavy kimonos with a properly tied obi that surely can’t be that comfortable, hair always done up intricately with pale jade pins. Yet she always seems to move with effortless grace.

She’s gotten lines around her eyes in recent years, and some gray in her hair, but she’s still a beautiful woman with wise eyes and a gentle smile. She has very beautiful and detailed
tattoos covering her arms and back, but they’re very, very rarely seen.

Nothing is ever out of place. She keeps her cool no matter what, never anything but polite and lady-like. There’s only one imperfection—the fact that her right pinkie is missing.

Appearance 5, Epic 3, Positive.

  • Michiko had a big hand in raising you. While mortal followers of your grandmother took care of your day to day needs to avoid you being pulled into a dangerous Fate, Michiko served as your tutor. She taught you your traditions, culture, about the kami, and all the insides and outs of the Yakuza.
  • You know that she was part of a plot to kill your parents. In fact, it’s what lead to your birth and purpose. But you’ve never seen Michiko be anything but honorable and loyal to your family. She was very dedicated to raising you properly, and while there’s some notable distaste for your father, she never made a fuss about your mixed heritage. All in all, you’re not too worried. You know that your fiercely protective tiger Mom wouldn’t have let her raise you if she thought it was a threat.
  • She came to LA with you, and mostly tends to the affairs of the Yakuza that are below your notice. Now that you’re an adult, Michiko has faded into the background, letting you be the leader you were brought up to be. But she’ll still come to your service when called.

Michiko Kurosawa

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