Luis Bernabe

Scion of La Sirene


Above everything else, Luis is fun. You can’t look at the man without smiling. His energy and enthusiasm for everything around him seems never ending, drawing people in and making them forget that their troubles ever excited. His laugh is infectious, and his song is otherworldly in it’s beauty.

He has the skin tone of someone mixed race—a natural dark tan, with bright sea-green eyes and long thin dreds of a dark auburn color, usually threaded with bits of shell and coral. He rarely wears any clothes other than a pair of swim trunks and some sea shell necklaces, no matter the weather or where he is.

Appearance 3, Epic 1, Positive.

  • Can be spotted pretty frequently at the beach, mostly surfing. Maybe you’ve seen him before, but he always has an entourage of beautiful dark skinned men and women, which has led you to not having much chance to talk to him.
  • He has a pretty big online following, a very active instagram under the name bernababe that he fills with pictures of the sea and clips of him singing and playing the guitar.
  • There’s local legends about merfolk and sea serpents living in the ocean off shore—the sort of legends vary. Sometimes they lure and pull you down to your death. Sometimes they rescue you from drowning or shipwrecks.

Luis Bernabe

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