Endre Alvarez

Scion of Reyna


Endre has inherited his small stature from his mother. At 5’6’’, he’s pretty easily overlooked at first glance. But it’s like staring into the dark corner of your bedroom when you wake up in the middle of the night. The more you stare, the more you’re pretty certain that shadow is actually a monster waiting to devour you.

He has fairly pale skin, but dark hair and eyes to fit his hispanic roots. His clothing suggests that he can’t decide if he wants to be in a biker gang or be a goth/punk kid. Usually all black, a leather jacket, and combat boots, some tears here and there. He has a few piercings in his ears and a lip ring.



  • Endre didn’t stay long with his mother. Soon after his birth Rey looked to the future to see where Endre’s destiny needed to start. It ended up placing him in a small town north of Detroit. On a clear night the heavens burst open and down fell a star, leaving a fairly large crater on the land of a fairly normal mortal brazilian family. His adopted parents weren’t sure what had just happened, but they knew one thing for certain—this was a gift from the divine. And somehow, the name Endre had been imprinted in their mind.
  • While his mortal family took as good of care of him as they could, others in the town had seen the star fall, and knew that the baby showing up out of no where the next day must surely be connected. Rumors spread. Was he an alien? A child of God? The survivor of a freak plane crash? It all led to Endre growing up with lots of strange looks. It didn’t help that he was awkward and weird and had that look about him that just wasn’t right.
  • Endre knew the rumors, of course. When he was younger he didn’t really understand them, thinking it was all just cruel jokes, but eventually his parents did tell him the truth. It made him start obsessing over the stars, studying astronomy and astrology.
  • When he was 17 he decided to bail on the small town life. He saved up enough money to buy an old motorcycle and left the town behind.
  • Since then he’s driven around, hopping from one place to another, though he usually lingers around Detroit. Despite being on his own and not wanting to take money from his family, he somehow never had any problem getting by. He just considered himself especially lucky—he’d find enough cash laying around to get by the next week, or managed to land a job that was easy enough work, yet paid a large amount.

Endre Alvarez

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