Basil Irwin

Scion of Netjeri


It’s easy to overlook Basil. He’s short, thin, and tends to prefer being a wall flower. When he is the center of someone’s attention his eyes frequently flit aside, avoiding eye contact, hands fidgeting. When he doesn’t think he’s being watched he’s much more at ease, watching the world around him intently.

His pale skin is dotted with freckles, and he wears glasses that occasionally glimmer with an odd sheen to the glass. Short mousy brown hair and plain hazel eyes don’t do much to make him stand out. He does seem to pay attention to his clothes, though his fashion sense doesn’t usually stray from geek-chic. But some do look curiously hand made or altered.

Appearance 2, Epic 0. Positive.

  • Basil is an award winning author of several popular thriller/horror books, mostly consisting of ghost stories. While his name is fairly well known, most would never recognize him by his face. He never appears on TV, avoids press like the plague, rarely accepts awards in person, and doesn’t interact with fans much save for online. It’s made his career a very mysterious one, which has lead to people generally thinking he’s far more interesting and/or creepy than he actually is.

Basil Irwin

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